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AOLHealthyLiving.com (www.aolhealthyliving.com) provides a rich online experience in wellness content as well as tools for achieving and maintaining a healthier life including:  healthy eating, fitness, weight loss, men's and women's health, emotional wellbeing, disease prevention and more.  Video is built into all areas of the site covering a range of topics from daily recipes, healthy tip of the day, fitness tips and full exercise routines taught by experts.  AOL Healthy Living is part of The Huffington Post Media Group at AOL.

AARP (www.aarp.org) is one of the nation's leading social mission organizations serving the diverse community of people 50+ and their families.  For more than 50 years it has worked as a trusted partner and advocate, creating opportunities and driving social change to help people overcome challenges, achieve goals, pursue dreams and live life to the fullest.

AARP has offices in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It publishes the award-winning AARP The Magazine, The AARP Bulletin and AARP Viva, the only bilingual U.S. publication.

BEST YOU (www.bestyou.com) is Reader's Digest's new healthy-lifestyle brand with a 360-degree approach to wellness that is equal parts physical, intellectual and emotional. Aimed at women 35 to 55, Best You offers women simple lifestyle tweaks and techniques designed to help them live happy, healthy lives for years to come.

The Best You brand features a daily e-newsletter that delivers a single, concise, and surprising tip drawn from each of four categories — Get Healthy, Look Great, Embrace Life and Eat Well — along with generous helpings of wit and wisdom. Best You newsstand publications include single-subject titles focused on health, wellness, beauty and weight loss.

The Huffington Post (www.huffingtonpost.com) is a leading social news and opinion site which in four and a half years has become an influential and oft-quoted media brand, "The Internet Newspaper." The site offers coverage of politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, sustainable "green" living, world news, technology, nonprofits, college life, books, religion, food and comedy, and is a top destination for news, blogs and original content.

The Huffington Post ("HuffPost") has over 26 million unique visitors per month (source: comScore Media Metrix) and is the most-linked-to blog on the Internet, per Technorati.  In 2008, the site launched its first local version,  HuffPost Chicago, HuffPost New York, HuffPost Denver and HuffPost LA launched in 2009.  The Huffington Post has an active community, with over two million comments made on the site each month.  HuffPost Social News launched in 2009 to leverage the power of social networking to allow readers to create their own personalized social networking-like news page on HuffPost itself.

The Huffington Post Twitter Edition launched in 2010.  HuffPost has 6,000 bloggers - from politicians and celebrities to academics and policy experts - who contribute in real-time on a wide-range of topics making news today.  Among those who have blogged on HuffPost are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Larry David, Nora Ephron, Larry Page, Madeleine Albright, Robert Redford, Neil Young, Rahm Emanuel, Albert Brooks, Mia Farrow, Russ Feingold, Al Franken, Ari Emanuel, Gary Hart, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Harry Shearer, John Kerry, Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi, Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ryan Reynolds, Craig Newmark, Alec Baldwin, and Donna Karan.  A comprehensive list of the contributors to The Huffington Post can be found in its blogger index:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/theblog/index/.

READER'S DIGEST (www.rd.com) has been one of the best-selling consumer magazines in the United States for many years, with a circulation of 6.1 million today. Globally, it is the world’s largest circulation magazine, reaching some 70 million readers in more than 60 countries, with 50 editions in 20 languages. Based in New York City, the magazine delivers actionable advice on a broad range of everyday topics, highlights ordinary people’s extraordinary and inspirational experiences, and informs readers about important world events.

Teahouse (http://english.cri.cn/08china/events/tea/) is China Radio International English service's exclusive video talk show, which lets guests share their views on politics, the economy, sports and culture, as well as, their personal experiences while enjoying a cup of Chinese tea.

The Deb Colitti Radio Show (www.debcolittishow.com) heard on WOR710 NewsTALK Radio and The Here Women Talk Radio Network, Deb takes an entertaining and provocative look at topical social and lifestyle issues. With a wide range of guests - some notable, some not - both locals and luminaries weigh in. The show can often be edgy and irreverent, but it's always inspiring, lively, and enlightening. As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, Deb developed businesses in health & fitness, matchmaking, property design & lifestyle management as well as life coaching, helping clients get their ultimate dream home or new lease on life. The Deb Colitti brand continues with her company, Design.Development.Direction., a lifestyle and project management organization, and as the host of her weekly radio show. Both ventures are the culmination of her passion and life's work.

Carat China is a full service, award winning agency that is part of one of the world's fastest growing marketing communications groups, Aegis Media. Curiosity, Creativity, and Collaboration drive our people to deliver superior communications solutions in an innovative and challenging work environment. Leveraging significant investments in research and consumer insight tools, Carat's ability to encompass all consumer touch points to activate all expressions of a client's brand is at the forefront of the China market. Led by Managing Director and long-time China resident, Seth Grossman, Carat China works with a variety of clients including, but not limited to: Kraft, Pfizer, Adidas, Nokia, Tiffany and BMW.

The Normal Bar Book (www.the-normal-bar.com) will be published by Random House/Crown Book and is set to hit the book shelves in 2012.  The Normal Bar: Where Does Your Relationship Fall? uncovers the norms, typical attitudes and behaviors that we all can’t help wonder about in the confusing arena of relationships.  The Normal Bar compares relationships around the world, sorting by ethnic differences, income, gender, age, and religion and utilizing an unprecedented statistical database.  Using this academically sound database and partnering with large, high-profile online platforms to outreach respondents around the world, The Normal Bar unveils ground breaking data!

The Normal Bar is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to find out how people are conducting their sex lives, handling finances with - or without - their partner, communicating, exchanging affection, defining family and working out the messiness of their daily lives. More than that, it allows readers to come away with a myriad of valuable lessons.

Important:  The Normal Bar does not advocate that everyone be "normal" - it simply lays out what the norms look like in today's society by using fascinating stories, profound data, and visually stimulating illustrations.  By discovering what works and doesn't for people around the world, readers can create a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling "normal" within their own relationship.